When I was in high school, we never learned how to ‘adult.’ There were no classes on how insurance works, how to file taxes, how to write a résumé, and especially not on how to interview. College was the same - except we were expected to know all of these things. And worse yet, we were about to start interviewing in the real world.

I had the immense privilege of participating in the Miss America Organization for six years, two of them as a titleholder. In that time, I had consistent interview training from some of the best coaches around. I noticed it made a difference for me later on. I received multiple job offers weeks after applying, whereas my equally qualified (and let’s face it, more qualified) friends did not. I realized that when it came down to it, the interview was the deal maker.

That is why I started Inside Out Interview. I wanted to empower other young professionals to feel confident in their interviews. I wanted to teach them how to be the best version of themselves and effectively communicate their best qualities to their future bosses.